Brief Overview about Tutorials

There are totally nine tutorials. A brief description about each tutorial is given below. 


Tutorial 1


In this tutorial, we will familiarize you with the Visual Studio .NET Environment. This tutorial will show you different methods to open a .NET project, various wizards, adding/deleting multiple projects to/from a .NET Solution Explorer, adding/ deleting  files to/from a project etc. The tutorial will also familiarize you with Visual Source Safe (VSS) version controlling system.


Tutorial 2


In this tutorial, we will familiarize some of the basic Programming syntax and semantics of Visual Basic .NET.


Tutorial 3


In this tutorial, we will familiarize some of the basic OOPS Programming concepts like  Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and some of the basic programming concepts like Arrays, File handling, Exception handling etc. All concepts are explained  using short Console Applications in  VB .NET. By the end of this session you will be able to write any type of console application which suits to everyday need.


Tutorial 4


In this tutorial, Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming is illustrated. Sample applications like Simple Interest, Matrix Grid will help you to familiarize with common GUI classes and namespaces. 


Tutorial 5


In this tutorial, Database programming is explained using Student Database example, which uses VB .NET and ADO.NET Technology . The program uses MS Access as the back end. A basic understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is assumed. After going through this movie, the student is advised to complete the whole program of Student Database.


Tutorial 6


In this tutorial, Network Programming is explained using a simple Client Server example. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge about networking concepts, OSI layering model and TCP/IP layering model.


Tutorial 7


In this tutorial, creation of .NET Component is explained using a simple Hello world  Control example. The tutorial also shows how to use this control  in .NET supported applications such as VC# .NET and  VB.NET .


Tutorial 8


In this tutorial, multithreaded programming is explained using an example Counter Thread.


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